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Montenegro, a small country situated in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe, is now offering foreign investors citizenship through investment. This program is known as the Montenegro Citizenship By Investment (CBI) program. The program was introduced in 2019 to revive their economy and create job opportunities for the people of Montenegro.

The Montenegro CBI program is one of the newest residency programs in the world that offers EU citizenship. It is gaining popularity among foreign investors who want to obtain a European passport. Montenegro has made it easier for investors to invest in their country and become citizens through their citizenship by investment program. The investor gets the Montenegrin passport within six months of investment, making it the fastest citizenship program amongst other EU countries.

The Montenegro CBI program has a competitive edge over similar programs offered by neighboring countries such as Greece, Cyprus, and Malta. It is much cheaper to obtain Montenegro citizenship through investment and offers more affordable real estate prices compared to other EU countries.

Investment requirement: 

Donation of € 100,000 to the Government of Montenegro, along with an investment in either a government approved Real Estate worth € 250,000 in Northern Part of Montenegro OR an investment worth € 450,000 in Southern Part of Montenegro/Capital City of Podgorica.

Investment Holding Period: 5 Years

Citizenship: Direct citizenship with passport obtained within 6 to 8 Months.

1. Visa Free Travel to 120 countries including Schengen Area, Russia, Bulgaria, and Turkey etc
2. No physical residency required
3. Montenegro is a candidate country for EU membership and expected to join by the year 2025
4. The program provides a lifetime citizenship for family and generations

Eligible Family Members:
1. Spouse
2. Dependent children up to 18 years of age
3. Dependent children above 18 years of age if financially dependent on the main applicant


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