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The Caribbean island of Saint Luciais renowned for its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant cultural celebrations. However, it is also attracting attention from investors, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals due to its Citizenship by Investment (CIP) program. This program allows individuals and families to obtain citizenship in Saint Lucia by investing in the country’s economy. In this article, we will explore the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment program and its benefits.

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is a legal process that grants citizenship and related benefits to foreign investors who invest in the country’s economy in the form of a donation, real estate investment, or a business venture. The program was established by the Saint Lucia government in 2015 to attract foreign investment and promote economic growth in the country. The program is designed to be relatively fast and straightforward, with a processing time of about 3 to 4 months.

Citizenship: Direct citizenship & Passport within 4 to 6 months.


  • Visa-free travel: Becoming a citizen of Saint Lucia allows individuals and their families to travel visa-free or visa-on-arrival to over 145 countries, including the Schengen Area, the UK, and Hong Kong.
  • Tax benefits: Saint Lucia has no wealth, inheritance, or capital gains tax. Also, citizens are not subject to worldwide income taxation unless they reside in Saint Lucia for more than 183 days.
  • Dual citizenship: Saint Lucia recognizes dual citizenship, which means that you can hold a second passport without renouncing your original citizenship.
  • Family inclusiveness: Your spouse, dependent children, parents, and grandparents can also become citizens of Saint Lucia under the program’s family unity regulations.

Investment Options:

  • National Economic Fund (NEF): The government of Saint Lucia established the NEF to finance economic projects that will benefit the country. Investors can donate at least $100,000 to the NEF to qualify for citizenship.
  • Real Estate Investment: Investors can purchase pre-approved real estate properties in Saint Lucia for at least $300,000 and own the property for at least five years before selling it.
  • Business Investment: Investors can also invest at least $3.5 million in an approved commercial venture in Saint Lucia to qualify for citizenship.

Eligible Family Members:

  • Spouse
  • Children under 25 (if they are current full-time students)
  • Parents, above 65, if they are financially dependent on the applicant
  • Inclusion of mentally or physically challenged dependent children and/or parents


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